About Boudewijn Brands Foundation

Boudewijn Brands

Our mission is to carry on and to promote philanthropic activities. The Patron of the Foundation is Dr. Boudewijn Brands, a Dutch economist, philanthropist and art curator who led a private gallery of contemporary painting in Indonesia.

The Foundation was created in Poland in September 2006 and chose Boudewijn Brands as its Patron to commemorate this exceptional man who died tragically during an earthquake in Bantul (Java) on May 27th, 2006.

Objectives of the Foundation

  1. supporting the repatriation of Polish nationals and people of Polish origin living abroad; in particular, supporting the education of students of Polish origin studying in Poland and abroad,
  2. supporting the educational and civilisation promotion and reducing the opportunity gap for children, youth and adults, particularly those coming from rural areas and urban enclaves struck with poverty,
  3. organizing and providing medical and social help to adults and children threatened by social exclusion, including people with disabilities. Specifically, the Foundation may organize:
    • medical rehabilitaiton,
    • holidays,
    • trasnportation, food and educational support,
  4. supporting the development of science, education, higher education and upbringing, including support and financial assistance for people and institutions involved in such activity,
  5. supporting the development of art and culture.

The Foundation accomplishes its objectives through the following activities:

  1. raising, management and division of funds, donations of tangible and intangible property received by the Foundation,
  2. organizing and financing of:
    • scholarships, grants, allowances, direct and material aid for the Foundation beneficiaries,
    • assistance in arranging the accommodation for repatriates returning to Poland,
    • workshops, training and courses to raise qualifications and provide equal opportunities for the Foundation beneficiaries,
    • financial support for artistic initiatives,
  3. conducting educational and information management activity as well as performing research within the objectives of the Foundation, including building systems of electronic exchange of information related to beneficiaries and donors,
  4. promotion of philanthropic ideas and objectives of the Foundation,
  5. co-operation with public institutions, non-government organizations and people whose interest is aligned with the objectives of the Foundation.

Administration costs

By statutory principle, the Foundation allocates 100% of donated funds to purposes chosen by donors, unless they decide otherwise.

Administration costs are covered from within the Initial Fund and from donations made for this purpose. Thus, the donors can be sure that their funds donated for the purpose of statutory activities will not be diminished to the benefit of the organization, but will be transfered in full to nominated beneficiaries and/or programs of the Foundation.

Foundation Team

The statutory bodies of the Foundation are the Foundation Council and the Board of Directors. Both the management team and cooperating volunteers work for the Foundation without remuneration.

Foundation Council

  • Artur Urbanski - President of the Council
  • Wojciech Gutsche - Member of the Council
  • Zbigniew Kabacinski - Member of the Council
  • Janusz Majchrowicz - Member of the Council

Board of Directors

  • PaweĊ‚ Olszewski - President of the Board
  • Jerzy Olszewski - Vice-President of the Board