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In 2011 Brands Foundation started Bajkonur – the first independent music incubator in Lodz, Poland. Bajkonur has s stage, rehearsal rooms, recording studio, music school and a bar. Based on donated funds the Foundation renovated 300 sq. m. post-industrial space in a historic WI-MA complex, located in Lodz at 135, Pilsudskiego Alley.

Bajkonur is a non-profit project – earnings are invested in music events. During the first two years more than 200 bands played over 800 rehearsals in Bajkonur. Over 40 alternative music concerts (both international and Polish) and other creative events were held on Bajkonur stage.

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LDZ Music Festival

Brands Foundation is running LDZ Music Festival every year in June in Bajkonur. The festival is presenting new trends and phenomena of the Polish music scene. The 2012 and 2013 editions were financially supported by Lodz City Department of Culture.

LDZ Music Festival 2013 Home Page
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Support for Culture Organizations

Logo Teatru Szwalnia

In 2009 the Foundation supported financially the Szwalnia Amatorów Teatru Project, led by Lodz-based society Targowa 62. The society is an independent cultural initiative and was founded in 2004 by alumni and lecturers of the Lodz Film, TV and Theatre School. The society organized a number of artistic events, and a series of free creative workshops for young and disabled people. Targowa 62 group created the Monofest Monodrama Festival, Summer Art Academy (cyclic summer creative worshop for the youth) and Lodz-based Szwalnia Theatre, in which in the current season a long term workshop called Szwalnia Amatorow Teatru has been organized. The workshop was offered primarily to young people from disadvantaged societies.

Earlier Projects

In 2007 and 2008 the Foundation co-financed sport and educational trips for kids. The aid was offered to gifted young people (Jurek and Pawel) coming from disadvantaged families.

In 2007 the Foundation run a project related to the idea of upbringing through martial arts training, including psycho-physical, self-discipline and responsibility development. More information on this project can be found on the archive page: Robert Karpinski's Trip 2007.