The Martial Arts Instructor Robert Karpinski's Trip 2007

The Foundation supported financially the motivation and study program for raising Robert Karpinski's instructorship skills. The program took place in August – October 2007 and included a two-month stay in WMC Muay Thai Camp on the Samui island in Thailand and a one-month training session in Dan Inosanto's Academy of Martial Arts in Los Angeles, USA.

Robert Karpinski is the founder and instructor of a private school of martial arts in Lodz, Poland. In his school Robert conducts teaching activities including trainings and sport/recreation camps for children and youth. He is a recognized and highly talented specialist in teaching martial arts and efficient self-defence but also in children and youth upbringing. He gained great confidence of his students and their parents.

The decision to support the trip was based on interviews and contacts with the communicty of Robert Karpiński's school of martial arts. The Foundation considered that supporting a program of foreign trips to renowned Muay Thai and Jeet Kune-Do schools and helping in acquiring certification of the globally recognized martial arts masters will significantly influence Robert Karpinski's qualifications and personal motivation and thus the development of upbringing of children and youth in the region.

Sponsors and Donors

Many people and institutions contributed to the project financially:

  • Wojciech Ptaszek (Ronic company),
  • Wlodzimierz Kalfas (Fresco guesthouse in Wegierska Gorka),
  • Piotr Jaworowski,
  • Dariusz Olejniczak,
  • Miroslawa Mucha,
  • Marek Ziolkowski,
  • Agata Ferszt (firma Aries),
  • Katarzyna Janiszewska,
  • Bartlomiej Wyszynski.

We would like to thank everyone for their support!

The Foundation also wishes to thank Ms Paula Inosanto and Mr Dan Inosanto for their hospitality and for helping to document Robert Karpiński's training in the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts in Los Angeles, USA.

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