Brands Foundation continues its activities in the area of health aid. Apart from rehabilitation financing, the Foundation started to support purchasing of health services and medicaments. Not all beneficiaries require rehabilitation -- some need support in other health care-related areas.

The Foundation's purpose is to handle the poverty problem holistically, therefore most beneficiaries who require special care (5 families, ca. 40 persons), make use of all support programs of the Foundation: social, health and education aid. Condition of those families is so difficult that supporting just one area does not change the big picture as far as their economic situation is concerned.


Brands Foundation's health aid has been delivered to tens of people from Lodz and Lodz Voivodship, including our young beneficiaries Ewa, Kornelia, Marcel, Kamil, Iza, Bartek, Kacper, Ania, Patryk and Kamila.