Social Aid

Thanks to donations, public support programs and co-operation with charity organizations, Brands Foundation's help reaches over 300 people from poverty-stricken families (mostly children) in Lodz voivodship. The help includes food and individual social support to families with numerous children, remaining in a very poor economic condition. The most basic purpose of such help is preventing exclusion and enabling social progress of young people.

Provisioning the ones in need is based on three food sources:

  1. direct purchases,
  2. purchases based on public funds, acquired from public institutions (RCPS, Voivodship Office) in open contests for non-profit organizations,
  3. material donations from institutional donors (Lodzka Spoldzielnia Mleczarska) and foundations (Fundacja Bank Zywnosci).

New Initiatives

During the last year the Foundation has developed new social aid activities for families in need. Apart from food support (one of our biggest activities), the Foundation co-financed utility and education-related expenses.

As a new form of support, the Foundation financed two full apartment renovations which greatly increased the living conditions of two families with numerous children. In the third case, the Foundation financed a bathroom renovation.

Public Support Programs

Brands Foundation successfully takes part in support programs organized by:

  • Regionalne Centrum Polityki SpoĹ‚ecznej in Lodz (RCPS) - an organizational unit of Lodz Voivodship local government
  • Lodz Voivodship Office (UW).

Physical Therapy for People with Disabilities

Between 2007 and 2011 Brands Foundation supported disabled beneficiaries' physical therapy and medical services and medication purchases.

Public Support Programs

In 2010 and 2011 Brands Foundation received donations from Regionalne Centrum Polityki Spolecznej (RCPS) in Lodz. The purpose of this project was to finance medical rehabilitation of patients in their home.